3-4-40 REGION BBAC GDPR (2018) STATEMENT                               

The 3-4-40 Region BBAC is a not-for-profit, grassroots sports club. We are fully committed to ensuring the security and privacy of information held about our members. The 3-4-40 committee have taken advice from the BBAC Main Committee and understand our obligations under The General Data Protection Regulation. The following information statement describes how we collect, process and store membership data. The legal basis for holding this information is that it is required for administration purposes relevant to the operation of a grass-roots Members’ Club. The 3-4-40 Region BBAC holds the following personal information about its members.

1) website www.3440.org

Name, address, telephone numbers, email address, pilot status, examiner status, instructor status, inspector status.

If you are a Club Member, you can see this information, and edit your own membership details, by logging in to www.3440.org and visiting ‘Edit your profile’.The information is accessible by relevant club officers as required for their duties and for administration of the club. These officers include the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Secretary & Webmaster. If you wish to delete your club record, or find out what information is held on you, please contact the membership secretary at membership@3440.org  

2) The following information is stored on the 3-4-40 Region BBAC membership database.

Name, address, email address, joining date, membership number, renewal dates.  (pilot licence number, R/T licence number, BBAC Membership number, LRO certificate number, if available for crewing, balloon registration number(s), balloon manufacturer, balloon type, brief description of colours. The bracketed items are optional).

The 3-4-40 Region BBAC membership database is used by the Membership Secretary for the following purposes:

Keeping an up-to-date record of Club Membership.                                           

Renewing memberships and checking for current membership status.          

Monitoring membership levels .                                                                                

Payment information – amount, method (no bank account or credit/debit card details are stored by the 3-4-40 Region BBAC on this database).               

Reporting aggregated financial income by amount and category to the 3-4-40 BBAC Region Committee and AGM.

All the information held can be seen, and edited by the Membership Secretary who may share names and contact details only with the following officers:

Chairman chairman@3440.org Treasurer treasurer@3440.org

Secretary secretary@3440.org Events events@3440.org

We hold all individual member’s information securely. It is retained for the term of membership, plus three years. If membership is not renewed during that period all information is then deleted. If you wish to see the information held on you, please either log in to your website account at www.3440.org and select ‘Edit your profile’, or contact the membership secretary.

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