Streatley Glow 2013

Another fantastic evening at the annual Streatley Night Glow. Many Thanks goes to all members who attended in support of the evening. Altogether 13 Balloons were inflated during the evening, some rare and some new to all those ballooning enthusiasts. See below a full list of Balloon’s tethered during the evening:

G-CHIM Ultramagic H-31, G-BMYA Colt 56, G-BIYI Cameron V-65, G-BYMW Boland 52-12, G-CFRF LBL 31, G-CDYL LBL 77, G-TWEY Colt 69, G-BWPP Sky 105, G-BZPW Cameron V-77, G-BVUK Cameron V-77, G-WETI Cameron N-31, G-MLWI Thunder AX7-77, G-LOWS Sky 77



Photo Credit: Sandy Mitchell